Imagine for a moment...

What would it look like if your business were as successful as you dream about? 

How would your life be different?

What would a typical day look like?

What would it feel like to wake up every morning to do something you were passionate about?

Right now your business might be getting by…
It may even be thriving sporadically.

You might be…

making money (even if it’s not as much as you hoped), but you’re burned out, tired, and not sure what to do to take your business to that coveted next level…

You may have...

powered up your business over the past few months and gotten some momentum going, but you don’t know how to keep it up, grow more, and achieve that 6-figure salary you’ve been dreaming about…

Maybe you’ve even…

seen glimpses of what’s possible in your business and had a few great months... but you’re starting to realize that it’s almost impossible to get to 10K months consistently on your own…

Or perhaps you...

keep trying to make this business work, but it’s starting to feel like a rollercoaster full of highs and lows and you don’t know how to create consistent income and blow your business out of the water…

You became an entrepreneur because you wanted

the freedom to run a business you LOVE…


WITHOUT sacrificing time with loved ones,

or working for little to no pay.


But you’re STUCK in the Hustle & Grind…

and not getting anywhere.

Any of this sound familar?

You’re living in a feast or famine cycle where you either have a ton of great clients or not enough.

You keep doing “all the right things” but somehow your bank account isn’t growing at the same rate your hours are.

You’re scrambling to get caught up and finish your work, rather than facing each day from a place of power.

You got into this business so you could be the owner of your own time, but right now it feels like maybe your business is the one in charge.

You’re ready to get some real traction in your business, and feel like you could use a breakthrough.

You’re tired of doing this alone and wish you had a group of likeminded women in your corner: a sisterhood of other female entrepreneurs on the same journey.

The good news is...

  You absolutely can achieve the business you’ve been dreaming about.


You can wake up each and every morning feeling alive, excited, and ready to get to work.


And you can have a group of likeminded women right by your side in the process.


You just need some Momentum!


Momentum is the force that drives your business ahead and keeps it moving forward.


So, how do you get this momentum going? 

I’m so glad you asked!


The Grow Your Business Momentum Mastermind is my signature group and individual coaching program for women who know they can create successful businesses, but need help getting the Momentum that will catapult them forward.

I’m Shelagh Cummins,


A business coach for female entrepreneurs who want to power up their businesses, pivot their way to profit, all without sacrificing what matters most in their lives.


The fact is, you absolutely can run a business you love WITHOUT missing out on time with loved ones, or working for little pay until you make it.

You can have it all!

You just need a roadmap to get there!

I know how hard it is to struggle to get your business off the ground because I’ve been in your shoes. When I began my business I had 3 children all under the age of 5. I knew I didn’t want to give up precious time with my family, but I also knew I wanted to succeed. I wasn’t sold on the hustle mentality that several business experts were promoting, and I just knew there had to be a better way.


One day (my birthday), I made a decision that hands down changed my life:


I took the leap and hired a business coach.


My coach helped me realize the dire reality I was living in: volunteering my time, making no money, and spending countless hours in the process.


The good news was once we realized where I was, I was able to start to grow. In fact, while working with my coach my business grew 400%! How’s that for some serious momentum?

As someone who doesn’t buy into all the fluff I read online, let me say one thing that is absolutely true:


If you invest in yourself others will invest in you.


It isn’t some sort of magical spell from the universe; it’s a simple fact: when you invest in your own success others are drawn to you.


Once you have the skills you need to create a successful business, that growth builds momentum that keeps you moving forward.


As someone who has invested in her business already, you know what I’m talking about.


Now is the time to flip that switch on full blast, rev your engines…



…and get ready to create real Momentum this year!

I know you want more out of your business... You’re ready to put in the work to take you to the top and I can’t wait to support you and your fellow Masterminders along the way.

 The success you’ve been dreaming of CAN BE YOURS…

Without the exhaustion, frustration, and overwhelm!



If you’re DONE…


with feeling burned out, tired, and overwhelmed

and you’re ready to take action to find the MOMENTUM

you need to take your business to the next level…


…then you are ready for the

My year-long signature group and individual coaching program for growing your business to next-level success!


In Momentum, you’ll…


  • Get crystal clear on your business vision and goals

  • Optimize your marketing systems

  • Launch strategic sales processes, products, and pricing that strengthen your sales conversations

  • Build internal systems to support sustainable growth

  • Increase your visibility and start attracting your dream customers

Here's What's Included...

Momentum is an intensive year-long group and individual coaching program for women who know they can create successful businesses… but need help gaining the Momentum they need to catapult them forward.

Kick Off In-Person Retreat Day

We’ll kick things off with an in-person retreat in a beautiful location in Toronto, where we’ll do a deep dive to get clear on where you are in your business and where you want to go… and we’ll build a plan to get there.


Four Quarterly In-Person Retreat Days

After spending time implementing and learning, we’ll meet up again once per quarter in Toronto – in January, April, July, and October. This is your chance to dive deeper into your business and fine-tune it to perfection! Our time together is a chance to reflect on how far we’ve all come, plan ahead for future success, and learn advanced tools to get you there.

Four 90-Day Guided Sprints

Each quarter we’ll complete a 90-day sprint, each focused on a different aspect of gaining Momentum in your business: Clarity, Marketing, Sales, and Systems. You’ll get crystal clear on your business vision and goals, maximize your spiral marketing funnel, increase your visibility, and build internal systems to support sustainable growth.

Monthly Training Calls

Every month we’ll do a deep dive into one system or area of focus in your business. Our live training calls will walk you through the step by step process of how to build and implement these systems in your business.

Monthly Group Accountability Calls

There is strength and accountability in numbers. On our monthly group accountability calls, we’ll:


  • Outline Power Moves to keep you in Momentum

  • Hold you accountable for those Power Moves

  • Problem solve and brainstorm any issues that arise

  • Celebrate your accomplishments and successes along the way


If you’ve been shying away from the actions that will have the most impact on your business –you need these hold-your-feet-to-the-fire-get-stuff-done meetings!

And There's More...

Eight Private Coaching Calls

All the work we’re doing as a group won’t matter if you don’t implement what you learn in a way that feels authentic to you and is strategically sound! That’s why in addition to the all the group calls you also will receive 8 individual coaching calls with Sylvia Otvos – a Momentum alumna who has grown her business from solopreneur to thriving agency owner and business coach. These 8 calls are your opportunity to get your questions answered and get held accountable for implementing the changes in your business that will bring it to life!

Monthly Open Q&A Calls

You have Q’s, we have A’s. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. On our live Q&A calls my team of coaches and I will help troubleshoot and support you as a #WomanOfAction so you get the results you want. With most online courses, you can disappear into the crowd and fall back into “I’ll do that later” habits. Not in Momentum. Frequent engagement opportunities give you a chance to mastermind at a highly personal level, so you move towards your big goals faster.

Templates, Tools and Swipe Files

Remove the overwhelm. Each month you’ll have access to new workbooks, templates, swipe files, and done-for-you systems to make it easier to implement a strong structure within your business. Implementing strong and sustainable systems will propel the momentum in your business.

Private Facebook Group

Find lifelong accountability partners, friendships and networking opportunities to keep your momentum going in our private Facebook group. You’ll learn important skills for growing your business, with a small group of likeminded women – the women who complete this program together see massive results. Your peer group is sometimes more important than any system or structure. Align yourself with like-minded friends and champions for life! You are not alone fighting the business growth fight in Momentum.

Are you ready to drive your business forward?

The Grow Your Business Momentum Mastermind is a small and exclusive group of women and is kept strictly as an invitation only program. We make sure that each woman in the group is a perfect fit so we can all grow and learn together.


If you are starting to get traction in your business, but you need to push through a threshold that is holding you back…


If you need to make a big shift in your momentum and break through that ceiling…


If you would like to get more information about this unique opportunity, I invite you to apply. Tell me a bit about you – and we can see if Momentum is your next best #PowerMove.

Is this mastermind right for me?

The Momentum Mastermind

IS for you if:

You’re a high achieving female entrepreneur who is ready to put in the work to succeed.


You love the idea of working with a group of fellow dream followers and game changers to build each other up.


You desire ongoing support to get your business where it deserves to be.

The Momentum Mastermind

IS NOT for you if:

You’re looking for a quick fix DIY solution.


You’re not ready to take fierce action.


You’re not open to learning and guidance.


You feel like you’ve tried it all and that nothing works.


 Here’s a Quick Reminder of Everything You’ll Get…

  • Kick Off In-Person Retreat Day

  • Four 90-Day Guided Sprints

  • Four Quarterly In-Person Retreat Days

  • Monthly Training Calls

  • Monthly Group Accountability Calls

  • BONUS #1: Monthly Open Q&A Calls

  • BONUS #2: Eight Private Coaching Calls

  • BONUS #3: Templates, Tools and Swipe Files

  • BONUS #4: Private Facebook Group

If you’re serious about making INCREDIBLE breakthroughs…

Alongside a sisterhood of motivated women who are on the same journey…

Then the

is the perfect program for you!

What Others Are Saying...

I know that this program will get you results.


But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here are some of the stories of women who have participated in the Momentum Mastermind:

"Before I met Shelagh Cummins, I was selling three digit packages. I was stuck in a rut. Within just two months of joining the Momentum Mastermind group, I had repositioned myself to sell five digit packages and I was succeeding! My mindset had changed. I have gotten out of my own way and now I am showing up confidently on my own unique path to success."

Jenny Mitchell

"Investing in your business can be scary but working with Shelagh is worth every penny. She digs in deep and gives you the knowledge and confidence to grow your biz and then maintain that momentum. If proof is in the numbers, how's this for proof: within the first month of working with Shelagh, I made back my investment 4 times over!"

Laura Wellman
Business Growth Consultant,

"Shelagh, I have not had this much money in my bank account since I started working.


AND I have started paying off one of my lines of credit.


I have a lot of money saved for income taxes, for my sales tax, for my doulas, and I have $1k put aside in my Dream Account for Disney.


And I still have $$ in my checking account.


And I just sent invoices to about 10 people yesterday.


Thank you for your help in this area.


I am not fully in charge of it all but it's much better than at the beginning of the year."

Each woman who joins Momentum comes with her own unique business challenges, but the one thing that ties each of them together is their drive to succeed and their sense of community with one another.

There are only a few spots left in the Mastermind.

Make this year your best ever in business.

© Copyrights by Shelagh Cummins. All Rights Reseved.